Every step of your financial journey is important. Whether you are spending, saving, or paying off debt..you are on a journey. Your debt could negatively impact your buying power and your credit. If you remove debt from your life, then you have more money to put towards the things that you love doing.

  • Traveling the world

  • Quitting a job you hate

  • Upgrading your car

  • Financial Freedom

Are you trying to be where the money reside but not sure where to get started??

Your Coach

Virtual CFO Financial Coach

Kalai Bell

A Virtual CFO + Financial Coach who helps to empower those struggling with personal finances to hit their money goals. I went from living in debt to living my best life (within reason). I've been able to help my clients become more educated on their personal finances so that they can pay off debts, stack their coins, and hit their money goals. My clients continue to amaze me throughout their journey to financial freedom by Paying off Cars, Building their emergency funds from $0 to $5,000, Starting future for their kids, and Increasing their Credit Scores.